BE.LULU – elegant swimwear

Created in Barcelona, Spain.

Your body is perfect the way it is. Therefore we don’t believe in ‘too small’ with the old, but in ‘perfect’ with the new.

High quality materials and craftsmanship are at the heart of everything we create and we truly believe style and the perfection of the comfortable has no expiry date. 

We’re celebrating our 1st year collection that embodies everything we love about our personalised swim wear; including expert measuring, tailoring and classic print, inspired by iconic fashion decades that we have grown up with. 

Whether you’re an athlete, an expecting mom or bohemian wild child from the 60’s, we invite you to experience the timeless elegance and nostalgia of our latest collection.


Let’s design your PERFECT FIT 🙂

Choose your sample, material, size and design and we will create YOUR own personalised swim suit.