CAPTURING Vibrations . Movements . Expressions

©Eva French

Photos – they give such light and energy to life.

We are happy to be able to share with you some images of incorporate moving and grooving, facial expressions, moods and day by day vibrations – the wide yonder. 

Movement does wonders for communicating mood. Dancers and gymnasts for example move mostly at all times, even in their breaks. We use their movements to create joyful images of athletes being athletes. 

Hold your legs and arms up in the air and usually magic will happen! This happy but competitive energy we try shooting in our sessions.

In these times there is no such thing as stiff smiles. After the performances the exuberance of all that exiting activity remains and their bodies fall into effortless poses.

Still’s are stills but finding a good dream is like capturing 1 second in slow-motion of a timeless still.


Vibrations   .  Movements   .   Expressions